Fruit-tastic Mornings

I’ve been starting every morning with a very large helping of fruit.

It helps that Costco is starting to carry organic, sweet, ripe and ready to eat variations, including strawberries and watermelon. We were very close to stopping our purchases of watermelons since the recent ones we’ve bought were basically tasteless, barely red at peak ripeness, and not juicy in the least bit.

Here we have a bowl of organic strawberries, raspberries and the BEST watermelon we’ve had in AGES, all from Costco. [not an endorsement…]

Having fruit for your first meal, or before any meal, allows your digestive system to refresh itself by processing the fruit sugar quickly and efficiently into fiber, without fermenting (what happens if you have fruit AFTER a meal) or causing gas and bloating. It provides sustained energy until your next meal (normally about an hour or two after eating it for me) with no spike in blood sugar.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

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