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Liz and her dog, a 9-year old chihuahua named Cocomo, enjoying a sunny weekend ride


Hey, y’all! I’m Liz. I’m a [very] passionate vegan doing my absolute best to live as cruelty-free of a life as possible and, in the process, helping those interested in or wanting to join this incredibly rewarding and supportive community understand why we want others to know what we know.

I enjoy being in the kitchen and eating amazing food, and [of course] taking pictures of it beforehand – I think my Mom is secretly thankful, seeing as I used to take pictures of my feet when I was younger… Anyway, if I could stop everything right now and focus on one thing, it’d be traveling the world observing, preserving and rehabilitating nature and the miracles we call animals that occupy our awe-inspiring Earth.

Spoiler Alert: I’m a bona-fide, certified nature geek and animal freak, and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. I can spot an animal anywhere, any time of day, in the most camouflaged environment. My eyes are always peeled for life.

I wasn’t always vegan, and (possibly like you) once thought it was extreme. I thought my choices only included cardboard-like grains I’d never heard of or couldn’t pronounce (well, the latter may still ring true) and more or less just boring, tasteless food. I don’t do tasteless food. I created my original foodie Instagram two years ago in early 2014.

In September of 2015, I made a life changing decision to adopt plant-based, animal product-free lifestyle (which my fiancé eventually followed after learning how not doing so impacted our environment; a subject he’s as passionate about as I am about animals). We [very] recently decided to limit our reliability on social media and our smart phones (soon switching back to flip and are shamelessly geeking out about it), and doing too much, too fast. We decided that we want to focus on slowing down and limiting our stress for the sake of our health and happiness for the present and future.

I had a blog about 5 years ago on Blogger, and although it wasn’t solely focused on sharing food posts (more like scarce updates on my not-so-interesting life, lasting all of about 4-5 months), I noticed that most of the posts erred on the side of culinary cuisine. Fast-forward 3.5 years to Instagram becoming my main social media outlet. Since becoming vegan, I’ve wanted to share this feeling; this love, this synergy with nature that I have strengthened, with the world.

And just to be crystal clear, I don’t slave in front of a stove for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wake up at 6 am every day, have a 45-hour work week on top of working 20-hour weekends 1-3 times a month, and my future hubby (fubby, as you may see me refer to him from time to time) and I actually enjoy some down time… when we can get it, that is! As much as we do cook and are in the kitchen (which, even with as busy as we are, is actually more than almost anyone we know), it’s mostly at dinnertime since we have the time to spend. If we have time over the weekend to get creative, we will (hellooo, brunch!), but we eat mostly dinner leftovers for lunch, and take full advantage of overnight oats, cereal and toast for breakfast. We rely once a week on quick meals such as frozen veggie burgers, pasta and soy or pea protein-based meat alternatives, so you’ll see some of my favorites included in some dishes I post.

I’ve been mistakenly dubbed as a ‘vegan Betty Crocker’ by some friends who must not know me very well, because no, I don’t make macarons from aquafaba every weekend, and infusing olive oil with herbs and spices doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, or mean that I’m a hippy medicine woman. What we make (my fiancé is an amazing chef as well!) are easy, relatively quick meals that:

  • don’t take time out of your evening running around or calling stores searching for that one ingredient that I listed that you can’t find anywhere. hint: I’m looking at you, complicated recipe blogs and books…
  • look so good, you’ll think there’s no way they could be good for you [they are! …well, most of them.]
  • and, last but not lease, taste like a plant-based rainbow explosion in your mouth.

Long story short (well, sort of), what I’d like to share with and offer you is an entertaining (I’m a bit of a ham… er – what’s the vegan metaphor for that?), informative resource that is easily accessible, hopefully helping either strengthen, reinforce or – better yet, my goal –  changes the way you think about what it takes to live a life free of animal products. I’m here to help you learn how to live your daily life without buying animal products, consuming animal products, or praising animal products for their ‘benefits’, of which none are solely sourced by.

Thanks for visiting and reading. I hope I help you think a little longer and harder about the way you live.

Liz writes all of her posts first-hand, from the heart. If you’d like to request more information or would like to contact Liz directly, please email ellesearthlyedibles@gmail.com.